Meet our Artist Ananya Jain | The Joyful 2023 | Vegan Calendar 2023

Ananya Jain, one of our artists of The Joyful 2023 project, is a 15-year-old animal feeder and rescuer. She turned vegan 2 ½ years back, is an animal rights activist, and participates in environmentalism. As a vegan, Ananya loves to test new recipes. Her interest lies in multiple things. She is passionate about wildlife and landscape photography, sketching and painting. Her favourite activity is to engage in fitness and sports. She is experimenting with formulating skincare products as well. How did she decide to be an artist for this project? One fine day, she received an offer to work on this project and the main purpose of this project was to educate people about the cruelty happening in different industries through artwork which definitely is an awesome form of activism. It attracted her because the "why" of this project was so strong, she had to be a part of it. It was a pleasure for her to work as a "project lead" in building this Joyful 2023 calendar with