Meet our Artist Ananya Jain | The Joyful 2023 | Vegan Calendar 2023

Ananya Jain, one of our artists of The Joyful 2023 project, is a 15-year-old animal feeder and rescuer. She turned vegan 2 ½ years back, is an animal rights activist, and participates in environmentalism. As a vegan, Ananya loves to test new recipes. Her interest lies in multiple things. She is passionate about wildlife and landscape photography, sketching and painting. Her favourite activity is to engage in fitness and sports. She is experimenting with formulating skincare products as well.
How did she decide to be an artist for this project? One fine day, she received an offer to work on this project and the main purpose of this project was to educate people about the cruelty happening in different industries through artwork which definitely is an awesome form of activism. It attracted her because the "why" of this project was so strong, she had to be a part of it. It was a pleasure for her to work as a "project lead" in building this Joyful 2023 calendar with Maloney's Delights. About Ananya's Artworks Animals are treated badly for various rides, be it elephants in temples, camel joy rides, horses in races and weddings, or donkeys, yak etc. Used in tourism. Many times, these lead to huge mental and physical stress, ultimately leading to the death of many animals. Is this worth our pride?
This painting conveys humans riding on animals such as horses, donkeys, elephants and camels. How these animals have been chained up for riding and walking miles and miles every single day. It just breaks my heart to know that we humans have vehicles such as buses, cars, bikes, and whatnot, but we still choose to abuse these animals while riding on their backs. In the case of cosmetic animal testing, statistics suggest that at least 115 million animals worldwide are used for testing every year. The tests are brutal and very harmful to animals. It is high time we start adopting brands that neither use animals for testing nor use any animal-derived ingredients. After all, true beauty is cruelty-free.
This painting conveys about animal testing in the cosmetic industry. The doctor is protecting the animals, monkey, pig, rabbit, hamster and rat. They are protected in a blue dome while the injections are attacking. About the calendar This is the second edition of India’s first vegan art calendar, an initiative of Maloney’s Delights. At Maloney’s, we are spreading mom-made joy with our super tasty vegan cookies 🍪❤️🌱We believe that art has to play an important role in the animal rights movement. Hence, we have collaborated with seven wonderful artists to create the second edition of India’s first Vegan Art Calendar, The Joyful 2023. From this calendar, 40% of the profits will be donated. 20% towards the animal rights movement and the other 20% towards women's education. You can purchase the Joyful calendar from here Find Ananya on Instagram here